Lesssons I’ve learnt this week

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Lessons I’ve learnt this week

There is one aspect of office life that I hate the most, and that’s being subjected to the politics of others.

My work experience in the past has meant that I’ve managed to avoid it for the majority of my career. I’ve only seen it at its worst in the last few years.  Thankfully I have managed to avoid the majority of personal involvement. That was, until this week.
It can be difficult to avoid when those who manage you, are themselves sucked into the inescapable political vortex. They can become influenced by the small truths, less than whole story and the subject of the agenda of others.

So what lessons can we learn from this?

  • Do not become distracted from your goals. This noise is a means of throwing you off course. The agenda of others is made easier if you fail.
  • Have an honest conversation about how this makes you feel, should it come up.
  • Review this small thing in the context of the bigger aims of the organisation and your personal principles. Will anyone care about this in a month, a year, five years from now ?
  • Never, ever, play their games. Politics is for politicians, if they have to live their lives by manipulating others, then you have to ask where their core expertise lies.

Should this take over and you are subject to their stories and lies, stand close to your principles. Rarely was an honest and calm person not seen by those who matter most.


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