Entrepreneur Revolution - Daniel Priestley

Entrepreneur Revolution Daniel Priestley

I picked up Entrepreneur Revolution at the end of last week and absolutely loved it. this book will probably sit in one of my all time lifestyle favourites along with The 4 Hour Work Week and The $100 Startup. I started reading this at about 7:30am and had finished it by 11:20am. OK, so I’m a fast reader, but I just couldn’t put it down. Why was it such an addictive read ?

  • The style of writing, its a personal view of the author, who just tells it like it is, and assumes you’re involved or at least looking at getting involved in building a business of your own, really getting to the point.
  • The lessons learnt from the Author. Its one of those I wish I’d read when building my own business. Albeit, maybe I could have only learnt by my making  the mistakes myself. Then again, I am a tad stubborn.
  • The 10 Challenges, particularly carrying larges sums of cash around to change your perspective on money and affordability, and making 3 phone calls to new people every day.
  • The ATM product model. It just makes so much sense.
  • Influence comes from output. Actually creating things, even if they may not be perfect and even if theres a risk not doing this confidently. We all suffer with confidence to some extent. Stop talking about things, planning things, procrastinating on things, and just get on with it.

The book is now littered with post-its for me to come back to:

  • The Lizard and Monkey brain, and how they need to be occupied. Settling for being the Monkey perhaps isn’t something ‘normal’ people see about themselves.
  • The 10 challenges mentioned above.
  • Pitch, Publish, Products, Profile and Partnerships. We did this in our own business much later than we should have done. But so many business owners still don’t understand how important this is.
  • Its true, you really can make a living doing what you love to do.
  • The activity of  ‘Discovering your theme’. I can at least turn my rants into something positive in this exercise.
  • Regularly creating written content, whatever that may be.

Whilst those who have been in business for a while may say they know much of this already, and I’m guilty of some of that, its the way the Entrepreneur Revolution story is told that’s so compelling, and reason enough to go back and look again at these areas to avoid being complacent about your business. Possibly the best thing is that the last chapter is titled ‘Living the Dream’, where it all comes together, including a bit of love for good measure. “Can you imagine living in the entrepreneur sweet spot?

  1. You do what you are passionate about.
  2. You deliver amazing value
  3. You get paid well for it.

….. and everyone loves you for it. Definitely living the dream as far as I’m concerned.

Entrepreneur Revolution is available on Amazon.


In addition to Entrepreneur Revolution, Daniel Priestley is also the author of several other impactful books aimed at helping individuals achieve success in their businesses and personal lives. I bought and read them all several times. Among these titles are Key Person of Influence, which focuses on the importance of personal branding and becoming a respected authority in your field, and Oversubscribed, a guide on creating high demand for your products or services by employing strategic marketing techniques. Priestley’s 24 Assets elaborates on the concept of building a valuable business by developing a diverse range of assets.

His writing style remains consistent across his works, maintaining the personal, conversational tone that readers appreciate in Entrepreneur Revolution. Each book offers practical advice, valuable insights, and relatable anecdotes that resonate with readers from various backgrounds, encouraging them to apply the lessons learned to their own businesses and aspirations. Together, these books form a comprehensive library for anyone looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journey or seeking to refine and grow their existing ventures.

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