Angkor Wat Half Marathon – Running Training Plan – 8 weeks to Go ( Saturday )

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I arrived back in the UK at 7am and felt relatively refreshed,  given I didn’t feel as though I’d got much sleep on the flights. I’m staying with Andrew this week, my running partner. We’d planned to get out running as frequently as possible, so this morning was as good a time as any to set forth.
My thought was, that we should catch up with the training plan and run the 5 miles that we should be doing at the end of this week. Starting the training plan and being three weeks behind already isn’t the best way to start.
So off we went, down the Uxbridge Road. A run to the bridge, turn around at the half-way point, and then run back. It probably isn’t the best course to run, as the roads are busy, so are the shops situated in parallel and there’s probably eight or so roads to cross.
In fairness we did pretty well, no issues on the way there. A short stretch at the half-way point and a run back. To say neither of us had covered this distance in a while we did OK. I decided to sprint the last 20 yards or so, just to give a bit of energy to the finish.
As we caught our breath, Andrew commented that I looked a bit on the purple side, I said he looked a bit on the pale side. We both agreed we should probably look a shade somewhere in the middle.
The good news is that it wasn’t terribly bad to catch up. I’d run three and a half miles the previous week in a failed attempt to run every day. Andrew’s pretty fit, but he’s more of a strength participant than a cardio one.
Whatever the situation we’re on track to complete the training plan, assuming the motivation continues.
Distance: 5 miles
Time: 47 minutes


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