Angkor Wat Half Marathon – Running Training Plan – 8 weeks to Go ( Sunday )

Given yesterdays success, Andrew and I decided in our wisdom that perhaps we should give it another go today. The running plan does say that we should be doing the distance run of the week on a Sunday.

So we set off, it’s far colder than yesterday for the first half mile my feet feel like blocks of ice. The shock to my system of the UK weather feels like moving from the desert to Antarctica. My hips are particularly stiff, but there’s a general stiffness to my body and the cold doesn’t help. Andrew is no different and doesn’t help our initial motivation by saying that it’s going to be a lot harder than yesterday. Thanks !

Running Style

Our difference in running styles seemed more marked today. Andrew’s more of a puff and blow, where I try to be relaxed with my breathing. Possibly because of my subconscious need to avoid that exhaust fumes that aggravate my asthma. He also marks the distance covered and how far to go. Like a human run keeper app. I’m not keen on this, I tend to set a pace and then retreat into my head and just keep going until the race is almost done. The continuous running rather than marking any sort of pace.

Progress on the run

It was indeed difficult, even warming up was slow. The benefit of running with a partner definitely showing its worth. We both confessed we’d have walked some of the way if it hadn’t have been for the other as a motivator. For me the biggest issue was being really hungry by the time we got to the half-way turnaround. Waking up hungry and then only having a bacon butties in 6 hours is not sufficient to run on. ( Note to self )

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 51minutes +4 Minutes on yesterday

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