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This week I’ve been mainly…

Reading about Digital Nomads

But this story rang so true, I couldn’t help but go back and read it again. All 8,000 words of it. There were so many strong threads and commonalities about this post I’m contemplating writing my own version.

(Update: I wrote my own version of How my Life Works in 2017 and then updated it again in June 2023)

Doing the Insanity Workout

Anyone who’s heard the phrase ‘Dig Deeper’ will know about Sean T and the Insanity Workout. This is my second time for doing this all consuming, exceptionally hard, but oh so results oriented workout. It’s so much easier this time round being a stone lighter than last time. The pain sadly is no different, and everything aches just as it did. Yes, the old adage is true, where there’s pain there’s gain. I’m only a week in on what is a sixty day plan, but I really do enjoy it.

Making Progress on Building a new Business Idea

I had an idea a few weeks ago. Its another one of problems that you suddenly think ‘I may have a solution to that’. I see so many people struggling with their online presence, and then there are just those websites that are just dreadful. Whilst completely different ways to get to a similar situation, I discovered a way to describe the outcome. By comparing the performance of their website with an employee. There’s no way you’d allow an employee to turn up to the office and just sit there doing nothing all day. Yet this is what some organisations do when it comes to their website and their online presence. People, as well as websites need bringing up the latest skills and approaches. They need to be invested in and valued. Then, guess what, they add even more value to the business.

So this is the way I’ve started to look at clients and their presence online. Technology and statistics are all very well, but clients need to know what the data is telling them, if its relevant, and what their next actions are to improve things. So having a poor bounce rate and user engagement becomes, a clearer picture of relevance to your customers, your business and a clear set of actions you understand. As things progress I’ll probably write more about this. In the mean time I’ve registered Digital Rain Agency as a domain for what I hope will be a successful service.

Scratching Another Itch

Whilst I confess that its unlikely I’ll ever get a ‘proper’ job again. I still can’t help but apply for roles that interest me. I’ve probably been ranting about this since the recession of 2008/9 when recruitment firms were my arch enemy. Their tactics back then were just horrendous. Sadly little has changed in the industry since, and here in Cambodia its just awful applying for a job. Applications simply disappear into a void never to be seen again. I know that applicants are never the customer, and so they don’t really get the treatment they deserve, but how people are treated is frankly dreadful. That’s on top of the age and sexual discrimination that’s still legal here. So I thought I’d have a bash at creating my own online agency. Something that’s a bit more transparent. Addressing the technology and NGO market for now. This is a tough market to break into as you need to win the customer over, but I so hated the way agencies work I’m sure with any form of customer service results should be better. Another Watch this Space.

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