Things I’ve discovered this week

My current client is occasionally happy for me to work from home when there are personal issues to attend to.
This particular issue involved the dentist and some less than ordinary work. Implants.

Nothing special about this, is there ? Well maybe, my client is UK based and my home this week has been Prague.

Armed with WiFi, mobile, and a Skype number they can call a regular UK number and be connect to my laptop here in Prague. I’m really pleased with the call quality, better than most regular phones and certainly better than call from a UK mobile. Topped up with Skype credit and you can call UK numbers from your laptop too.

This is very much a step from Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week, my bible on all things work related.

With mobile data roaming on O2 costing only £2 per day, having all of your apps available, along with decent web browsing meant I could even check internal e-mail via the web browser. Coverage of course is a killer in whatever county you visit and a train ride into the Czech countryside meant a very slow data connection.

All in all, successful trip with no issues at all raised by the client. They probably thought working at home meant a UK home.

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