Technology StartUp – Teaching Entrepreneurs at the Impact Hub in Phnom Penh

This week has been the second week of my Technology StartUp course. I confess I’m really enjoying teaching this subject.

This week we were covering Product Creation, and how to build an MVP, a minimum viable product. We even used a couple of early Apple products as examples of what can be created and sold with a minimum of features that customers will still love. There’s lots of interactive sessions within the course content, so students can get actively involved in the subject matter.

There’s homework too, but if this is completed students will have the foundation business plans to go ahead and make their business flourish.

So far we’ve covered the overview of starting a technology business, what it means to want to create a technology product, the really hard questions about why you’re starting this journey and how to find the answers. This week was Product Creation.

Future classes will cover Marketing, probably one of the subjects most anticipated, then we do operations and finally the Financial overview, joining everything back up to the business case and where we started.

The course details are here: Impact Hub – Successful Technology StartUp

You can also find all of the course slides and links to other resources on the course page.

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