Lean Prototyping

I spent a very enjoyable morning at The Rainmaking Loft, a venue for startups and entrepreneurs alike, to listen to Neill Gernon talk about Lean Prototyping. An exercise to take the messy idea stage, to the honed product design. This methodology saves, time, effort, and of course cost in getting though the host of options for a products design, and hones it down to the point that a really well defined prototype is available. It was a small class, though none the less enthusiastic about discussing the ins and outs of getting products and services to market. Also present was Natalia from Natalka Design, who although there mostly to observe us for this session, took us through some of her pictorial methods to help view products and designing. I particularly liked her picture notes, something I’ve used on a far less grand scale but found really valuable as a visual person.

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