This week I’ve been mainly… Bullet Journaling

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I’ve been tagging along to the sports club and whilst I’m far from saying my swimming is anywhere near good, I have noticed an improvement on each trip that I’ve made to the pool. Practice makes perfect as they say, and my area of focus right now is the breathing technique. Breathing out through the nose while under the water and making a decent surface such that I only take in air, rather than air and water. Simple in theory. A little more difficult in practice. I have nothing but admiration for the professional swimmers, actually anyone who swims well as they make it look so easy.


Bullet Journaling

I’ve been pretty fixed in the way I’ve been using my journal and notebook, but after reading an epic blog post by Cerries Mooney ( who’s site sadly no longer exists) I thought I’d give it a try. The video is below on how the system works.


The reasons for me adopting this new technique are :

  • I always found it difficult to go back and find things later. The index method means that each page is captured in the index and each page has a number. Simple in hindsight.
  • I tended to lose sight of my monthly goals, so specifically taking time to create the monthly pages meant I can capture the annual goals broken down and track progress on some of the new habits and processes I’ve been trying to adopt.

I’m going to give it a try and see if there’s any improvement. Its all part of 2016’s Trying things out, creating processes and creating assets.


Business Ideas

I’ve been looking at some of the issues businesses have when online, both here in Cambodia and in the rest of the world. I came up with the idea of comparing web sites to people within a business in terms of their performance and contribution to that business. I’ve created the start of an audit to draw up some of the performance criteria and have discussed this with a few contacts. I’ve also submitted a proposal to a client and have another few ‘test’ clients to run this by. This one seems to have legs, in that initial feedback has been good and with a few tweaks there could be a valuable service to clients, with an opportunity to expand this to additional services.


Being a Sage

When I browsed the Cerries Mooney website, I also took the Primary Arcetype Test. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I’m fed back as The Sage. I couldn’t help but thing of ‘ O Wise One ‘ but in fairness most of my time is spent passing on information to others and teaching in one form or another. Its yet another validation of where my mission lies for the next three years.



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Copyright 2023: Chris Wray

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