How to increase your productivity with Noisli

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How to increase productivity with Noisli.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more and more sensitive to noise. Obvious things like the chainsawing outside the apartment on Saturday you can understand, but I’ve also noticed that relatively quiet conversations in Impact Hub where I work are also distracting me.

When I work I like the environment to be ‘right’. This way I find getting into flow, much easier and as a consequence my productivity increases significantly. More and more often however, I’m finding that wearing headphones and drowning out the external noise seems to be the only way. Right now I’m in the co-working space and drowning out everything with Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

This morning I made one of those discoveries that just makes you jump for the ‘Buy’ button.

I’ve been a user of Noisli now and then. I love the sound of rain and thunder, either natural or through Calm, my go-to meditation app. Today on Noisli I just pushed the random ‘Relax’ button and was greeted by a combination of the rattle of a carriage over railway tracks and a really low bass hum from a fan. The hum was perhaps a little high and I did wonder at first if this was in the room. A tweak of the volume levels down and I think I’ve found the perfect environment for productivity. Now I know it said Relax and not Productivity but each to their own. The bass drowns out the low distraction and the railway track clatter provides that comforting sound that allows you to ignore the outside world until the frequency changes, which of course it doesn’t. The never-ending train ride.

So the temptation of having this on my iPhone was too good to miss, and £1.49 is hardly worth thinking about. The great thing is that when you sign up, the saved ‘combo’s’ sync between platforms. For those who are interested, my combination of hum and railway tracks is the best for concentration.

So that’s how I’ve covered a good chunk of client work and came up with the idea for this post and it’s only just lunchtime. Productivity at its best.

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